Class 11

The year 11 student has a sense of being a young adult.  At our school this is the year when students can exercise choice in subjects and, while maintaining some breadth, pursue their own particular enthusiasms.

Year 11 students are not so black and white in their responses and are interested in more subtle psychological processes.  They have increased social awareness, not only condemning injustices but beginning to think how to better things.  The irritations of puberty settle and they are able to enjoy a more comfortable relationship with their peers, their teachers, their physical strength.  The year 11 student begins to consider what they can use to orient themselves in life.

In English we study the Parcival story and other texts that embody the sense that life is a journey, full of beauty, mysteries and meetings.  Testing and faltering are a part of this wonderful journey.

During the year the class undertakes a rock climbing camp at Mt Arapiles which is a culmination of their outdoor education experiences and which wonderfully reveals and celebrates to them their inner and outer resilience. Click here for VCE Subjects

Year Eleven Art multiple colour reductation lino print with Sarah Baker

Year Eleven VCE Physics with Juha Ruuska

Year Eleven Oil Painting with Sarah Baker VCE Art