Our library is housed in a warm, welcoming building.  The collection continues to expand, grow and broaden along with our students and the times.   The function of our library is to provide a cultural environment that supports, enriches and broadens the community of teachers, students, ancillary staff and parents.  The library supports teachers in their curriculum and professional development needs, along with providing information, cultural, vocational and leisure resources in both book and non book format for students from prep to year 12.

The library is also open at certain times to parents and the wider community.  Our staff endeavour to offer a welcoming attitude, space for private study, resources for individuals, classes and small groups, and to be a stepping point for research at other institutions.

Students are encouraged to further pursue an active reading life through exposure to a wide variety of contemporary and classic titles.

During the primary years, students visit the library first with their teacher, and then by themselves.

In class seven the students are introduced to formal library skills, which are expanded upon and broadened throughout the secondary years, including research and referencing skills, utilising both book and internet resources.