Class 9


By class nine the intense relationship with the class teacher has been replaced by specialist teachers whose subjects, materials and methods are interrelated and suit the specific age of the student.   Class guardians guide the class during these later years as friends.

This year is often a tumultuous transition, a complete ‘rebuild’ for the young person.  Scales fall from their eyes about the world and they see adults as flawed ordinary people.  At the same time they encounter strong new feelings, sexual awakening, first love.  They are sensitive to hurts and unsure of their own adequacy.

Our approach to this transition is to offer an intensive series of outdoor walks and camps in a number of contrasting environments.  Through such challenges, through humour and a deep familiarity with the young person who has been with us for some time, we help them to find a way to see difficulties without cynicism.

Class work is designed to awaken powers of thought and judgement, strengthening their youthful powers while discussing real social and world concerns. Click here for Secondary Subjects

Please click here for example of Class 9 Clay Heads Main Lesson

Please click here for Year Nine French Class with Yasmin Bak