Class 7


In this year children awaken to the world at large and as well they become aware of an inner world of new thoughts and feelings, which includes their developing sexuality.


They are beginning to ask questions of themselves and about their lives.  Now is a valuable time to build on the idea of biographical studies – both personally and also through the study of the lives of individuals to whom the students can look up, as examples of great character and accomplishment.  Students at this age seek role models and by offering examples that are not constricted by popular culture or the fads of the day, there is the opportunity for ideals and inspiration to seep in and permeate the blossoming individuality that characterizes this delightful age.

A study of the stars and their nightly movements and an exploration of the formation of mountain ranges and volcanoes provide immediate interest for them.

A study of the physical body and how, for instance, digestion works, also answers the strong need they have to come to an understanding of their physical world and the connections between cause and effect.

The main lesson on ‘the great voyages of discovery’ assumes an allegorical significance for the class seven student.

The curriculum of the year seeks to meet the newfound individuality of the 13 year old.  An English main  lesson called Wish, Wonder and Surprise leads students to express poetically their newly awakened sense of self.

Class Seven Art with Melchior Martin click here for main lesson photographs

Class Seven Maths Main Lesson Tessellations example please click here

Class Seven Geometry Main Lesson platonic solids with Walter Jefimenko

Class Seven Biology Main Lesson with Suzy Connolly

Class Seven Marine Ecology Main Lesson with Suzy Connolly