VCE Overview


In years 11 and 12 we offer the VCE curriculum.

A student at this time in life begins to turn their gaze beyond school to the future.  While maintaining some breadth they can also make subject choices.  Their intellectual life begins to acquire independence and inner mobility.  Their sense of responsibility and appreciation for the adults around them blossoms at this time.  The teachers bring to this work their long intimacy with the students and a strong commitment to the needs of each one, not focussing solely on results.  Each faculty offers deep and inspiring engagement with the subject to hand.

Our students flourish in a friendly, nurturing and challenging atmosphere where every opportunity is provided to strive for and achieve their personal and academic best.

There are great benefits of a small community and of continuity in school.  Students develop very deep friendships.  Encouraged to explore their particular ‘genius’ and to express this to the best of their ability, with expert mentors and specialists as their teachers and guides, there is great opportunity for participation and personal success in every arena.