We offer Drama as part of the curriculum from kindergarten all through to year twelve.  From watching simple puppet plays in kinder to building a solo performance in year twelve our drama program offers a wide range of experiences to all students each year.

Each class makes a theatrical production each year.  The play is an extension of the epoch study for that year level and is ideally suited to the experience of that age group.  In junior classes the class teacher makes the play with the students.  From year eight onwards specialist drama teachers collaborate with the English teachers to study and produce a play in which everyone in the class has a role.

The staging of these works is a great joy for the whole community.

Play production is supported by improvisation and other workshop activities and skill building.

Participation in drama is a way for each student to access their potential as a performer and find something of their particular genius or expression.  Drama trains our perception, enabling us to see ourselves and others in a more observant, active and authentic way.  Participation allows for confidence in the self and in the group as decision maker.  Individually and collaboratively, drama students explore a range of human feelings and a spectrum of social situations and moral dilemmas. 

Drama is a doorway through which students are able to step into a different pair of shoes and walk about for a time.

Drama offers an opportunity to synthesize, process and communicate often complex thoughts and feelings, to others.

Through sensitive casting, historical or contemporary texts, building a range of production skills and through a sense of community as the whole class participates our students come to feel at home in themselves and on stage.

Year 12 VCE Ensemble Performance – (written by year 12 parent) May 2013
Spectacular, brilliant, unique, complex, witty, intriguing and full of suspense, the VCE Ensemble performance “Back to the Museum” last Thursday night had the audience enraptured.   The performance clearly demonstrated the deep concerns the students have for contemporary social issues by reflecting on the past, present and future.  The rhythm, timing and synchronicity of  the play, not to mention the polished performances of their changing roles, held the audience riveted.  The vitality, vigour and enjoyment emanating from the stage was infectious.  The audience laughed, clapped in time with the music and were carried along in an atmosphere of fun and suspense.   The recorded and live music and the amazingly choreographed dance sequence was stupendous!   This group of 7 students created the entire production from scratch, in a short period of time, interweaving specific required dramatic techniques.   I think the audience would agree that this performance could easily rival if not outperform some professional productions.
Well done Yr 12 VCE Drama group!!   Feel proud of yourselves as we certainly are!
How wonderful is it that our school offers such a varied and challenging Drama course providing the opportunity for our children to develop a sense of self through playing different roles as they mature.  Thank you to Sam Linton-Smith and Antony Neate (Drama Teachers)  for your professionalism, understanding, patience and passion.   Both of you have nurtured our children through their years of Drama preparing them for this penultimate challenge.   
We look forward now to their upcoming Solos!