Art work tunes the soul, develops will and gives expression to experience in ways which words fail.

Students at our school are no strangers to art making, as the curriculum is presented through drawing, painting and modelling all through the early years.  When they arrive in the senior school they generally can happily draw and make things and settle to creative work.  They feel safe in the art room, and quickly ‘in the zone’.  We are a school that values and supports the art program.

Middle school classes include tonal drawing, watercolour painting, printmaking, sculpture and graphic work , both observational and imaginative.  Art history is taught as a recapitulation of the art and architecture of world cultures.

As students reach year 11 and 12 the curriculum gives an opportunity for choice, for building deeper skills and for individual projects, culminating in the challenge of the year 12 folio.  After many years of steady work, skill building, pleasure and reward and the reassuring support of teacher directed projects, the strongly developed and nurtured will of the student can give practical expression to their emerging individual interests and visions.

The young adult now explores thoughts in a different way.  When the student feels encouraged and has experience then these thoughts can find practical expression, and not be frustrated or ineffectual.

Through the study of other artists’ work and a consideration of the role the arts play in society, students can find a context for their aspirations.  Here we present the arts as a meaningful insight into the changing consciousness of man in different periods and different cultures, and as the shaped expression of our own creative inner life.

The work you will see at the school is full of enthusiasm for life, love of beauty, faith in human endeavour and endless invention.