Class 4



… the new found power to ask questions and to see the world with new eyes… balancing the inner self with the outer reality…

In class four the main lessons assist the children to integrate their inner selves with the outer realities they face.  Norse myths and legends are explored in depth because they are full of courage and valour.  The children’s expanding consciousness is supported through subjects such as geography and the topic of ‘human being and animal’.  In English the children study grammar, further reading, written and oral expression and listening skills.

Maths sees an emphasis on fractions and practical work.  The children continue to participate in Eurythmy – which gives conscious awareness of their surroundings –  along with form drawing, painting, music, drama, gymnastics, sport, clay and wax modelling, craft and language study (French and German).  A three night camp is held in class four.

Main lessons include-

Norse mythology, Performance of ‘Genesis’, The Yarra River and Wurundjeri people, Fractions, Human Being and Animal, Native Cultures, History of writing.

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