Throughout the school we live into the essence of music; it is an integral part of the curriculum at all age levels.  From the fluid, heartfelt singing and movement of early childhood to the conscious discipline of more formal music tuition, music is a core component of Steiner education.  Our school fosters musical excellence in all areas – instrumental music, singing and music performance.

It can be observed that a student who is seriously devoted to making music, alone or with a group of fellow musicians, has the ability to approach the rest of his or her work with great depth, an ability to be socially harmonious with others, and a balanced perception of self worth and of the worth of others. 

Instrumental music is an integral part of our program.  All our students begin learning a stringed instrument in class three, for which they attend individual lessons as well as receiving general classroom tuition.  At year seven they may elect to continue with their first instrument or to take up another.  From class four the children participate in orchestra, which at year seven broadens out to encompass and accommodate the various needs and instrumentations of the students.

Instrumental music allows the students to bring to life great works of art, often penned by people who are today considered to have had great gifts… it gives an individual immediate and intimate access to this energy. Music develops self evaluation, discipline, practice, concentration, artistic expression, interpretation, tone production, rhythm and accuracy of pitch.  In playing an instrument we strive for development and improvement so that we can play effectively with others.

The secondary school’s music program encourages students to expand and broaden in every sense of those words.   As well as great discipline, music making offers wonderful social possibilities and allows for purposeful interactions.   Opportunities abound for performance and working in a group or ensemble.  Our vast array of musical output covers styles from classical to rock to fusion to jazz to acappella to contemporary experimental to non western…   It is truly delightful to experience the energy and excitement that accompany our student’s diverse, eclectic performances.

At present we have three choirs rehearsing and performing in the secondary school.  There are enormous benefits to singing – in the shower or under the direction of a conductor with bright lights shining into your eyes!  Some of the educational advantages of participating in group singing include being part of a team or group, active listening, exploring feelings, personal expression, exploring different musical styles, comments, discussion, analysis and the opportunity for simultaneous adjustment when a note requires tweaking!