Early in high school students thrive if work is practical and down to earth.  Repetition gives a sense of achievement.  The clarity of maths assists students during puberty.

In the middle secondary years, the simple clarity of maths seems to provide a haven of security and achievement in an often turbulent stage of development.  The quality of right or wrong appeals to the student’s developing sense of critical judgement.  Abstract elements begin to be exercised to prepare for later work.

In later years, students enjoy more clarity in their thoughts and their capacity to sustain this increases incrementally.  There are opportunities for intellectual stretching, followed by periods of consolidation.

We aim to cultivate an attitude of self-confidence and an appreciation for the elegance and beauty of the mathematical realm.  These traits foster the qualities of awe and wonder as well as illustrating how clear thought can lead to the edge of the mysterious!  Our students gain an appreciation of what civilization owes to our ancestors, and are given a solid basis that allows for clarity in thought and competence along with achievement.

A variety of teaching approaches are used including teacher centred presentation, problem solving, group discussion, skills practice and practical activities.  We allow time for drawings and diagrams to be completed with artistry and skill to engage the aesthetic sense, to produce an abstract formulation of clear mathematical principles and finally, to apply these to real world problems, making use of IT where appropriate.