The Science faculty offers- Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Physiology.

The study of Science helps young people to function intelligently and effectively in a culture imbued with science and technology.

We wish to prepare young people who can think soundly, objectively, and responsibly in new ways and in new areas.

Science is a human endeavour, brought about by creative minds.   We approach Science from both an historical perspective and with a view to exploring the influence of technology and materialism – looking at the ways that these things have profoundly influenced every aspect of our society.

To support and illustrate our education, we use a variety of teaching approaches which engage and activate the students.  These include problem solving, group discussion, presentation, experiments, skills discussion, work books and practical activities.

Science is a discipline that we can harness for growth and insight. It has the ability to draw us out of the emotional turbulence and self-centredness that strongly characterize adolescence.   By wholeheartedly involving themselves scientifically in the material world, students gain newfound independence and prepare to make their own decisions.

To study science is essentially to receive training in the careful and objective practice of scientific method.  This is valuable training which conforms to simple and inexorable laws.

We strive to present science as a marvellous human achievement.