Class 6

…questioning, challenging, enjoying robust discussion…..

Class six children are able to grasp cause and effect, see things from another’s point of view and enquire deeply before forming or modifying an opinion. They are ripe for the wonderful discoveries of scientific exploration, the ideas of great Ancient Greek thinkers like Pythagoras and Aristotle, and the achievements of the Ancient Romans.

Main Lessons include-

Physics (of sound, light and heat), Astronomy, Geography and Geology – building on the children’s innate sense of wonder and reverence, observation of natural phenomena and discovery of natural mysteries.

History – here the focus is on Rome, its government, laws and army, and its many echoes in modern society.

Mathematics – the children experience applications of mathematics in the real world: measurement and the mathematics of money (percentage and interest).

English – the study of punctuation, grammar and style further equips students for their own compositions.

Class six Geometry Main Lesson example please click here

The Class six curriculum also includes-

Eurythmy, craft, drama, form drawing, woodwork, physical education, outdoor education (5-day sailing camp), orchestra, Bothmer gymnastics, circus skills, French, German, and (if possible) Latin.

These Class sixers have constructed life-size model legionary shields, with which to recreate Roman military formations and “live into” the Roman Empire.

Circus Skills include the making and wearing of stilts.