Information Technology

Acknowledging that computers are an integral part of contemporary life, we recognise the importance and value of providing the best, most relevant, up-to-date educative processes available in this arena.

In all our studies we strive to cultivate literacy, problem solving and the formation of judgment and creativity.   We can apply these aims to IT studies.

We encourage students to view computers as a springboard or aide to broaden their learning.

A computer and its information is not simply an authoritative electronic source, but something to be questioned, analysed and utilized.  Our intent is to provide students with a multi-layered education which enhances their ability to meet and use the latest technology – whilst encouraging and developing their individual capacity for analytic critical reflection.

Demonstrating in Physics how the basic binary system can be applied in technology, we show the electrical basis for IT.

In Classes 9 and 10 we teach basic keyboard skills, creating and saving files, spread sheets, data bases and simple graphics.  Most students will already be familiar with email and internet access so we discuss social and cultural aspects, how to select information and use it fruitfully, safe practices and copyright issues.