Class 2


… a wonderful, strong capacity for focus… … curiosity and humour abound…

The class two child is full of curiosity and, in many cases, a burgeoning sense of humour.  This means that as well as being the go-to person for questions, adults may well find that they’re the subject of pithy seven year old observations.

Class two children begin to show an awareness of the world around them although they still do not clearly see themselves as separate from it.   These children resonate deeply with legends and fables, recognizing both the everyday attributes of humans which are shown through animals, and those saintly qualities that human beings can strive towards.  The Celtic myths strongly appeal to the feelings qualities of class two children.

Themes covered include legends and myths, based on Aesop’s Fables or Russian Fables, Celtic Wonder Tales, the Celtic Dragon Myth and The Kind of Ireland’s Son.

Class work includes-

Writing and reading, Celtic Myth, Measurements using hands and feet, Aboriginal myths, Maths, Stories of St Francis, Crafts, Poetry, wet in wet painting, French or German.