Exchange Program

Student Exchanges

Our school is a registered Exchange Organisation who participates in the Steiner School Exchange Program around the world.

During Class 10 a select number of students embark on this wonderful opportunity to participate in an exchange with another student who attends a Steiner/Waldorf school located overseas. These cultural exchanges have, in the past, taken place with schools in Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, the UK, Japan, and America.

Absence from our school can be no longer than one school term.  Effectively the exchange period is 3 to 4 months in length. The visiting student is able to attend for the same period, 3 to 4 months.

If the exchange takes place in a country in which the language is other than English, then reasonable fluency in that language is expected.  Discussion with the language teacher/s is required for this option.

Families are fully responsible for all costs associated with the Exchange, eg flights, spending money.

Please contact the school office if you require further information – 9876 2633