Alumni Profiles

Dear Past Students:

It would be great if you would be willing to complete an Alumni profile for us.  We are using these at the information sessions for future students, as well as in the Information Sheets to parents, and on display when the School hosts events.  It is wonderful to see what past students are doing now as well as their fond memories of the School.  Most importantly, having a picture of what our past students are doing, is very supportive and encouraging for our current parents and the whole school community.

Warmest wishes & I’m looking forward to hearing from you, Tricia Martin 

Alumni Questionnaire

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Jessica Moraes

Class of: 2005

Registered nurse (paediatrics)

Royal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department – Melbourne, Australia
Bachelor of Nursing Science, Melbourne University 2006-2008
Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Practice, Paediatrics 2010

The aspects of my Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School education I enjoyed the most were:

  • The freedom to be an individual
  • The languages I learnt
  • The music opportunities – I went to New Zealand twice with school music groups
  • And the focus on creativity, stories and the camps.

The elements of my Steiner education that I have carried through into my current employment are:

  • Openness to everyone
  • The ability to tell patients stories
  • Being independent and autonomous but also an active team player
  • Not being judgmental of people’s choices.

Some of interesting things I have done since leaving the School are?

  • Volunteering in India with an Non-Government Organisation (NGO)
  • Visited an Anthroposophical NGO in Monte Azul (Brazil), and volunteered there with the nurses and social workers working with youth and new mothers:
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