The wider Alumni Community for Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School includes former students’ as well former staff, parents and friends of the School.  The word Alumni refers to a group of people who have attended/graduated from a school or university and includes both genders.

What is the value of an Alumni network to the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School?

  • Keeping alumni of MRSS in touch with each other and with the School.
  • Maintaining active interest in the school in regards to Information Sessions, Open Days, Art Shows and Community events.
  • Organising professional, networking and social activities for alumni.
  • Communicating alumni news and interests back to the school.
  • Offers of assistance  – utilising Alumni skills and knowledge for the benefit of current students, (eg: advising students about aspects of study and career paths) and a skills database to support the School.
  • Contributing to Scholarships, the Building Fund and other opportunities for donating to the school
  • Offering voluntary to the school with organising events (such reunions and other School events).
  • Providing Alumni Profiles for use by the School at events, to inform potential students and their parents and to showcase the wide range of career paths that are followed.


Forty years ago the Melbourne Steiner School was started by voluntary contributions (both financial and time), and today, they are just as important for the on-going development and maintenance of the core elements at the school.  There are a number of ways you can donate and make a difference for the children of today, and children of the future.

You can choose whether to make your donation to the Bursary Fund or the Building Fund, or leave it to School to make the decision on your behalf.

With your support, MRSS will maintain its independence and continue as a vibrant place of learning, maintaining the highest ideals of human creative endeavor and purpose, assured of financial stability and progress.