Community Association

The healthy social life is found

When in the mirror of each human soul

The whole community finds its reflection,

And when in the community

The virtue of each one is living.

                                                Rudolf Steiner

The School Community Association is an association of parents, teachers and friends of the school, who through their various activities support the School’s principles of education.

The Association provides a focus or formal channel for the many needs and activities of the school community, and takes responsibility for the wider social activities of the school, such as the Fair, the Warranwood Art Show, bush dances and fundraising.  Presently most of the fund-raising in the School is under the auspices of the School Community Association.  Then, in consultation with the College of Teachers and School Council funds, are directed where required.  The School Community Association (SCA) is also concerned with the enhancing and strengthening of relationships between various groups within the school community and wider community.

All MRSS parents and staff are invited to be members of this Association which has been formed for the benefit of us all.  Meeting dates and activities are put in the weekly Information Sheet.

Our school is nurtured and maintained by parent participation and effort.  To maintain a lively, healthy school we need ongoing interest and participation.

The teachers need the support of parents to do their work.  This support is found in many ways- through good will, positive support, the undertaking of practical work, SCA fund raising, joining work groups, committees or the School Council.

Our school was founded by parents who were teachers, wanting a creative education for their children.  The founding teachers and parents worked hard to establish the school and develop a community of common interest.

Now that the school is up and running, it can seem that everything is there and nothing is needed, which is far from the whole picture- as ‘old’ parents leave new ones are needed and can bring new energy and gain a great deal through joining hands.

There are many ways to start to make a contribution- as class liaison, attendance at school events and parent evenings, offering help with play nights, helping out with fundraising, at market day, at Open Day, working for the Community Art Show, offering cakes for special events, taking home a little laundry for a class teacher, making a costume- if something needs doing- as little as picking up rubbish on the path or helping with meals for a sick family,  best is to do it, and so help our physical and social fabric.

There are many ways to build things.

Confidence is one of the golden words that must govern social life in the future.  The other golden word is love, love of that which we have to do.  And in the future, good deeds will be done out of love for humanity.
Rudolf Steiner

Market Days

Once a term the School Community Association organize a Market and this year it will be held outside our new building.  Beautiful handcrafted items, most lovingly made by our own parents, are for sale along with a variety of stalls selling items such as biodynamic compost, children’s toys and books. There is also a ‘Market Café’ where you can sit and enjoy delicious food and coffee and tea, and socialize with other members of the community.  Dates are advertised in the Information Sheet.

Doll Making Classes

For almost 40 years  a warm and friendly doll making group has been held at the school.  Parents work together and craft a beautiful Steiner ‘form’ doll for themselves and one for the School Fair stall.  The classes are usually held Wednesday mornings during the term – please contact the school office if you are interested.