Craft – Textiles and Woodwork

Crafts are an integral part of our curriculum from Kindergarten to Class 10.  Handwork builds strong will, and has a harmonising influence.

It builds confidence and dexterity and an understanding of materials.  By building dexterity we enhance our thinking.  Working with tools and materials, colours and textures develops sensitivity and imagination.  There is great satisfaction in conceiving of, undertaking and completing a task to the best of one’s ability.

We choose teachers who embody their craft where possible, as there is great pleasure in following the hand of a craftsperson.

Crafts offered in senior school include woodwork, felting, dressmaking, basketry, crotchet, mosaic, beading and embroidery.  Woodwork offers students the chance to be involved with practical, real matters – real things of the world.  In all crafts, students experience the sure delight of the art of creation.