Class 10

The sometimes tumultuous class nine student returns after the holidays more thoughtful, more measured.  The 16 year old student asks who am I?  What, besides my inheritance and circumstances, am I?  A class ten student wishes to engage in measured conversation, expressing their views and enquiring as to the origins and causes of world affairs.  Our work is to help them develop from passing judgements to forming judgements.

We value the beauty and vitality of middle school students and we strive to help them move gently but surely through their natural deep immersion in the vast range of human emotions and ideals into the wonderful balance of rich thought and feeling and physical dexterity that we see displayed in our senior students.

A review of world history offers consideration of early forms of government.  The class play in this year is a more contemporary work.   Efforts are made to create cultural and social links to a wider world with community service, work experience, city excursions.  A more academic approach to subjects helps to develop discrimination and observation. Click here for Secondary Subjects

Click here for Year 10 Cultural periods of the Western World

Click here for Year Eleven French Language Main Lesson with Cathy Lebrum

Click here for Year Ten Sculpture Main Lesson with Melchior Martin

This is a selection of art from Class 10 Design, a semester subject, from first semester 2013. The task was to create a theme then design a series of Post Cards, utilising a variety of mediums. There was an exhibition, shared by families, to celebrate the culmination of a semester’s work.