Our Geography education strives for breadth of experience, feeling and knowledge.  We approach Geography in a variety of ways, utilizing both practical experience and intellectual exploration.

Since the dawn of time human beings have resonated with a sense of place.  As a species we have always adventured.  The interconnectedness of knowledge, ideas and subject matter is a constant matter for human exploration, and Geography provides a perfect vehicle for this.  So it is that Geography sits in the interesting position of bridging science and the humanities subjects.

Of all the subjects, it is Geography that has the greatest capacity for awakening a sense of global responsibility in the individual.

Geography illuminates our privileged world position and the potential we hold for positive striving and change.

When we study and experience the spiritual and cultural relationships of others, we can cultivate a respect and regard for different human beings who share the earth.  Thus we may forge deep and abiding pathways to understanding.

So, in geography we travel – both literally and metaphorically.  Students engage in varied activities which include modelling, map making, observation,  ‘geographic imagination’ (the ability to appreciate landscapes, situations and living conditions vicariously… kind of like imagining that Bahamas holiday that’s been on your to do list for ten years), conceptual thinking, peoples and places.