Class 5


… cultivating a newfound sense of justice, truth and self…

There is a sense in the class five children of ‘gathering up’ the experiences of childhood – a completion of this stage of their lives and an inward preparation for the next step.

Class five children have an understanding of placing events in time and history. They learn about ancient peoples – in particular the myths and legends of ancient India, Babylonia, Sumeria, Persia, Egypt and Greece.  Studying the development  of these civilisations they gain a sense of where our history begins, feeding the class 5’s natural curiosity.  The children are directed to observe the natural world, experiencing its beauty and form, pattern and number. They gain grace of movement, harmony and balance in themselves, which mirrors their deepening relationship with the world around them.

Maths subjects link in with the exploration of ancient buildings, the calculations performed in their construction and the development of number.  English continues with study of grammar, poetry, reading and creative writing.   As in earlier years the children participate in eurythmy, painting, form drawing, craft, drama and physical education.  A five day camp to the Grampians occurs toward the end of the school year.  The children also continue foreign language study and music which involves orchestra, recorder, singing and a weekly lesson on their chosen stringed instrument.

Main Lessons include-

Botany – the study of plants in relation to the human being and to the earth.

Geometry – laws that govern geometry and the beauty of its forms.

Geography – land formation and the elements of local geography and the Aboriginal stories.

History of Writing – cuneiform, pictographs, hieroglyphics, Sanskrit.