Secondary Overview

“Watch for yourselves and observe the difference – first, when you approach a child more or less indifferently, and then again when you approach him with real love.  As soon as ever you approach him with love, and cease to believe that you can do more with technical dodges than you can with love, at once your educating becomes effective, becomes a thing of power.”  Rudolf Steiner.

Our Senior School meets each student stepping from the Class Teacher period, or joining us from other schools, with great interest and warmth.  We enjoy the beauty and individuality of the students in our care and watch with great interest their passage into adulthood. We aim to balance physical, social and artistic development with our commitment to academic excellence.

In all the subjects offered within our secondary school, we integrate contemporary practice in the Australian Secondary Curriculum (ACARA) with a comprehensive curriculum developed by teachers in Rudolf Steiner Schools worldwide.

Great care and consideration are taken to ensure that subject matter is age appropriate and will meet, support and enhance the student’s learning.  We are cognizant of and responsible to State and Federal educational requirements.  The College of Teachers is actively engaged in current Governmental educational discussions, philosophies, directives and requirements.

Within these parameters we seek to give each one of our students a broad, comprehensive education – in a manner that allows them to be competitive and participate in the wider world, whilst maintaining a direct and heartfelt link with their sense of self and potential.