Curriculum Overview

For Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary

The Kindergarten

…nourishing the child’s belief in goodness and beauty…

At the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School we have developed an early childhood program that integrates Kindergarten and Prep Year.  Children attend kinder from the ages of four to six.  There are two Kindergartens – Linden and Peppercorn.  In our kinders we provide social, intellectual, physical and emotional opportunities for growth and discovery.  Children blossom and flourish within our kindergartens.

… the child is a being of will… of the senses…. of imitation… of imagination…

Our kinder is the bridge between home and school.  It is a warm, inviting place of fun, beauty, tactile inspiration and challenge.  The children delight in such activities as movement, art, singing, painting, drawing, story time, craft, sewing, cutting, measuring, food preparation, cooking, garden tending and animal feeding – all within a safe, rhythmic and comfortable routine.

Both the inner and outer kindergarten environments offer rich and nourishing stimulus to capture the imagination of all children.

Primary School

…Primary school is a time of adventure, discovery and delight…. 

Children begin primary school in the year they turn seven.  There are enormous shifts in development as a child grows through the ages of seven to twelve, and our curriculum is designed to support the children at every turn – to awaken them to love and wisdom!  

…The social and moral learning that takes place in childhood is as important as the academic…

Children are led through the history of the world as they move from class to class.  Young children are readily engaged through imagination.  Year by year we develop our work from the themes of the Celtic World, the Ancient Middle Eastern civilisations, the Northern European mythologies, the Classical Greek civilisation.

Throughout primary school, children participate in a broad range of subjects which include a daily Main Lesson, along with English, Mathematics, Science, Music, Physical Education, Outdoor Education ( a camp each year beginning in class 3 – in tents, with campfires! ), Craft, Science, Eurythmy, Woodwork/Handwork, Languages… all are taught both imaginatively and artistically to address the children’s feelings as well as the intellect.  .

 Secondary School

…Awakening young people to their destiny…

Our secondary school helps students find their own path into the great disciplines of humanity:  Art, Geography, History, Language, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Physical Culture and Science.

The students are brought to these areas of human striving by people who love their subjects and are avidly exploring and developing them.

All students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of subjects.  Rather than early specialisation we encourage a breadth of human experience to offer a whole and well rounded education which will not preclude our students from pursuing interests that they may cultivate or acquire as they continue to grow and develop after leaving school.

Our students have opportunities to participate in team or solo sports, drama performances, music ensembles, jazz bands or choirs and a wide range of outdoor education experiences.

…Education can be a process of growing in the light of truth and the warmth of a community dedicated to improving our world…