MRSS Student Careers

Year 10

During Year 10 we explore different career paths through a number of different mechanisms. There are talks presented by people working in different industries, students do work experience, all students are interviewed individually and learn how to investigate and research careers. One of the tools we use is the “Careers hub” on the VTAC website. This site (and other aspects of VTAC) helps students to identify which careers might be best related to them and how to find courses related to further training in those areas or any other areas they wish to explore.  

VTAC Careers hub

Current Yr.10 VTAC Guide 

MRSS Year 11 2023 Subject Description Booklet

Year 11

When Year 11 students begin to think about their Year 12 subjects  they have already experienced a significant shift in what it means to be a VCE student. Many students may not necessarily have made commitments to following a particular career but have started to go to open days and collect various bits of information about future pathways. Like Year 10 students, Year 11’s continue to explore different career paths; career talks from people in different industries, individual careers interviews and more Tertiary relevant investigation tools i.e. VTAC and Careers newsletters. During Term 3 Year 11 students will begin to choose their subjects for the following year. Many students continue with 5 subjects (out of the 6 subjects they already have) or they may also swap to new subjects if they want. 

VTAC Careers hub

Current Year 11 VTAC Guide 

MRSS Year 12 2023 Subject Description Booklet

Year 12

Some VCE students start the year with a particular idea in mind about what the following year might look like. Options usually include: work, study, gap year, deferment, apprenticeship, etc. Specific focused ideas are encouraged (plumber, doctor, robotics) but we also encourage them to continue to think broadly so that students don’t feel stuck or wielded to just one idea. If they only identify one course they want and then struggle to meet the requirements (ATAR, study scores, etc) they can lose hope and momentum for learning. If they are open to various ways to get to their goals then they are free to do their best.

We work with the students individually and collectively to cover both specific course details about each of the options they are considering and general information for all students as many still may not know what they want to do in the future. All students are taught how to research and find information in a more targeted way than they are in the lower year levels. For example, the use of course collated lists enable students to look at similar courses and compare major study areas, ATAR’s, prerequisites, campus locates, etc. This then informs students which open days they should attend, how to get more information from each institution, what pathway opportunities exist for entry into a course(s), etc. 

All students, parents and guardians are invited to a Tertiary Information evening where a comprehensive briefing on Tertiary applications, SEAS, Special consideration, Early entry, pathways, ATAR information clarified, scholarships, differences in Tertiary models (Tafe vs university), deferring studies, etc. Each student has the opportunity for year round 1 on 1 access to careers discussions if requested, but particular focus given to Yr.12’s during Term 3 and 4. This support continues over the summer holiday period where enrolment decisions need to be made by the students.

Our smaller year level size allows us the opportunity to work with the students as their ideas evolve and develop throughout their senior school, but particularly their last year with us.

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