Class 3

… with introspection comes a greater awareness of the self in relation to the outside world… a threshold is crossed…


… the children build a shelter, a safe, secure place on earth, from hand crafted mud bricks …

Class three is a rich time of inner development for children with a focus on practical subjects such as farming, gardening, and building.  This is the year in which the children may build a shelter from hand crafted mudbricks.  The exploration of Old Testament and Hebrew stories provide a solid foundation from which to serve this important stage of personal development.


By class three children bring greater confidence and fluency to their reading and writing.  Work in maths focuses on measurement and also builds skills utilising the four processes.

The children are introduced to written music and start lessons on a stringed instrument – violin, cello or viola.  A two night camp is held towards the end of the school year.  Craft, music, language and eurythmy continue, with subjects such as Bothmer gym, farming and building being introduced.

Class work includes-

 Old testament stories, Grammar, Parts of speech, Farming, Building, Crafts, Writing and reading of music, French and German, Eurythmy.